Salute to the 4th

Rochester's Independence Day celebration put on by The Commission.

Salute to the 4th.jpg

Salute to the 4th started because we had the initiative and the desire to improve Rochester. Mayor Ardell Brede put together a committee to come up with ideas on how we can raise money for the fireworks display. There were 6 people on that committee and Max Evans from The Commission had one of those seats. We brought forward the ideas of a Salute to the 4th logo, t-shirts and a car and motorcycle show. Of the 6 people with ideas on the committee, we were the only ones to follow through with the idea and it was very successful. 


Car, Truck, & Motorcycle Show


Skateboard & BMX Contest


Prior to The Commission running the events for the 4th of July, Rochester only had a concert band play and a fireworks display. For the 3rd largest city in the state, we found that to be unacceptable. Now we not only have the car & motorcycle show, but we have added a skateboard & BMX contest, food truck festival, kids sports camps, and our own stage with live music. With over 15,000 people attending the event, Salute to the 4th continues to grow every year and bring our community together. 


Free Kids Games & Activities


Salute Stage & Food Truck Festival

salute to the 4th stage.jpg