Our Vision

Connect. Create. Collaborate.


The Commission will connect and engage young professionals in Rochester, Minnesota with one another and the community at large, with the aim of serving as a catalyst to collaboration and a platform for community involvement.

The Commission was founded in 2013 with a simple goal - bring the young professional community together. Sunny Prabhakar, Bucky Beeman, and James Keller started meeting monthly for breakfast and inviting other to join as well. With no other stand alone young professionals organization in Rochester, this group stepped in to fill the void. In 2014, we began hosting monthly meetings as well and started an expert talk series called Think Tank. As our group grew we were given more opportunities to get involved in the community. 

Mayor Ardell Brede gave us a seat on a committee to raise money to offset the cost of the fireworks. Out of the 6 other people that were at that table, our group alone followed through on the commitments we made and thus, Salute to the 4th was born. 

After the success of Salute to the 4th's first year, we realized that working on projects together energized our peers, created a positive impact on the community and developed lasting relationships. So we took this new found energy and ran with it by making the creation of sustainable projects for the betterment of our community our primary focus. 

Since that time we have seen our organization grow and engage young professionals like never before in Rochester. The Commission has become respected in the community due to our reputation of showing up, getting involved and executing the change we want to see happen. Talent attraction and retention continues to be a topic for discussion as we all work to solve the workforce shortages in Rochester, MN. The Commission is poised to be an important spoke in the wheel to drive the changes our community deserves. 


Sunny Prabhakar
Founder, President

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